• Designed a complete system to broadcast mobile ads from an AppEngine web server and render them on a suite of Android mobile device clients.
  • Leveraged existing modules within Google Cloud Platform to store and retrieve device screenshots and log data, and implemented device and account/permissions management on the server.</li>



  • Implemented a pipeline in Hive to determine a user’s spam score; banned 2,000 malicious users and wrote an async script to clear 10,000 of their currently set page suggestion values
  • Added ‘Communities’ tab to Places Editor, displaying location-relevant groups that user can join (
  • Designed a class to support banning malicious users by clicking a button in an internal tool.



  • Researched, designed and implemented a module to support localization for SAP IQ Utilities, and demoed the successful from-scratch implementation of two localized tools
  • Successfully tracked down existing bugs in complex parts of database server that involved multi-threading, concurrency and advanced data structures
  • Investigated, proposed and implemented solutions to resolve issues such as race conditions arising from concurrent database merges and commits



  • Ported several branches of Enterprise Server software from 32-bit to Cmake x64 in Visual C++ to transition projects to concurrent build systems, cutting daily build time by 20% per project
  • Streamlined development cycle by implementing Cmake compiler to simplify branching and merging of multiple large projects, saving 3 hours for each future build release
  • Efficiently set up a virtual farm of build automation tools (cruisecontrol, gradle, ant, etc) on servers and virtual machines to diagnose, maintain and promptly respond to build issues


TD Bank Financial Services

  • Designed and implemented code to support new Flash transaction capabilities on cards – supported thousands of flash and chip transactions daily
  • Redesigned drivers and job flow to accommodate weekend and overnight transaction processing
  • Greatly improved efficiency of business analysis by automating the process of data collection, report writing, entry reversal, etc. – saving over 500 hours of manual work yearly