• Designed a complete system to broadcast mobile ads from an AppEngine web server and render them on a suite of Android mobile device clients.
  • Leveraged existing modules within Google Cloud Platform to store and retrieve device screenshots and log data, and implemented device and account/permissions management on the server.</li>



  • Implemented a pipeline in Hive to determine a user’s spam score; banned 2,000 malicious users and wrote an async script to clear 10,000 of their currently set page suggestion values
  • Added ‘Communities’ tab to Places Editor, displaying location-relevant groups that user can join (
  • Designed a class to support banning malicious users by clicking a button in an internal tool.


Dr. Peter van Beek, PhD

“Hashim was an excellent research assistant on our project in computational photography. He quickly caught on to the problem and the issues in the project and soon was taking the initiative and making important contributions. As well, Hashim has an engaging personality, tackles problems with an infectious enthusiasm, and works exceedingly well in a team.”


Mark Delafranier

“Hashim was always very willing to spend time researching and testing various potential solutions while maintaining a positive and inquisitive attitude. When he felt he was stuck, he showed no hesitation to seek some guidance from other team members. In addition to seeking extra tasks to work on, Hashim also demonstrated the ability to multitask. This term provided exposure to real world development work and hopefully provided some insight on complex issues. As an individual he is very mature, professional and a positive person.”


Auto Focus Algorithm

  • Worked with Professor Peter van Beek to develop a machine-learning based auto focus algorithm for digital photography
  • Co-authored Research Paper to illustrate improved efficiency and accuracy of new algorithm (click here to view)


Wakey Wakey Android App (Java)

  • Created alarm clock application for Android with various innovative features aimed to keep user awake
  • Formed a team of two, efficiently delegated tasks and led team to meet realistic deadlines
  • Successfully published app on Google Play store (click here to view)



  • Researched, designed and implemented a module to support localization for SAP IQ Utilities, and demoed the successful from-scratch implementation of two localized tools
  • Successfully tracked down existing bugs in complex parts of database server that involved multi-threading, concurrency and advanced data structures
  • Investigated, proposed and implemented solutions to resolve issues such as race conditions arising from concurrent database merges and commits



  • Ported several branches of Enterprise Server software from 32-bit to Cmake x64 in Visual C++ to transition projects to concurrent build systems, cutting daily build time by 20% per project
  • Streamlined development cycle by implementing Cmake compiler to simplify branching and merging of multiple large projects, saving 3 hours for each future build release
  • Efficiently set up a virtual farm of build automation tools (cruisecontrol, gradle, ant, etc) on servers and virtual machines to diagnose, maintain and promptly respond to build issues


TD Bank Financial Services

  • Designed and implemented code to support new Flash transaction capabilities on cards – supported thousands of flash and chip transactions daily
  • Redesigned drivers and job flow to accommodate weekend and overnight transaction processing
  • Greatly improved efficiency of business analysis by automating the process of data collection, report writing, entry reversal, etc. – saving over 500 hours of manual work yearly